CVP is committed to providing the highest level of quality resins available.

All our coating materials meet AAMA requirements.

CVP  provides many important standard services and benefits such as:

Our procedures allow your company to:

Maintain quick lead-times for your customers.

Our standard proprietary 2 phase cleaning process is state of the art.
Strategic masking process allows clear site line and no over spraying.
We pay special attention to high wear areas, such as screen tracks and balance pockets.
We will coat window accessories upon request, minimizing costly overhead for your company.
We supply every order with a customized touch up applicator.
CVP can customize re-shipping packaging solutions. 

CVP can provide many benefits for your organization,

below are just a few that can provide immediate economic, sales and overall upside.  

Reduce overall costs associated with painting (labor, overhead, inventory, floor space)
Reduce liability, see materials workman's warranty.
If currently coating/painting in house CVP can enhance color offerings,

and increase capacity through contracting CVP for big projects and or different color offerings!
If not currently coating/painting partnering with CVP will provide

quick access to new sales opportunities and value added higher profits!
Your company can focus on window and door manufacturing, supporting your core business.
Free up floor space and highly skilled labor.
Maintain strong lead-times for your customer base.

We look forward to meeting with you to learn more how CVP

 can be a valuable additional asset to your organization and your sales efforts!!

Color Vinyl Processing Services 

CVP services range from colored lineal processing, post manufacture processing, and field work